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We design, manufacture and supply electric heating devices for railway rolling stock and metro.

The collective of our enterprise or many years works on the development and production of t technique for heating of rolling stock of the railway. We have developed heaters of a blow-through type and convection heaters (you can read more in the PRODUCTS section), which strictly comply with the Technical Regulations of the Railway. Heaters are widely used in electric locomotives, electric trains, diesel drives and meet all the requirements for railway product. Heaters are designed with the requirements of economy, safety and reliability.

Flat electric heaters made by thick-film technology are used as a heater, which provides the heater with high thermal characteristics.

We design and produce:

  • – Convection and blow-through types heaters for carriage rooms and cabins of electric locomotives and electric trains;
  • – System of electric air heating of electric trains carriage rooms for interregional communication;
  • – Undercarriage heaters, blow-through and electrical systems of high-voltage electric air forced heating passenger cars of locomotive traction for interregional locomotive traction.

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