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Industry and enterprises

Industrial premises and equipment in the winter season require space heating and air heating in technological cabinets and the equipment itself.

We develop and manufacture specialized devices for the needs of industrial enterprises:

  • – Convection and purge heaters for heating industrial premises;
  • – Duct air heaters in ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • – Local heating of technological equipment.

For example:

In the cold season during the water selection the cold air enters into the tanks for water accumulation and storage that promotes the freezing of water.We developed and produce devices for heating air that enters the tank from the environment to prevent water freezing.The device is installed into the tank ventilation pipe through which enters the outside air.

To reconstruct the ventilation systems with air intake from the environment, we produce the air heating devices for closed ventilation systems. The heater is available in 4 versions and is intended for installation into the air conditioning systems of “NORD” concern for heating the air in the cold season both inside and outside the air duct.

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