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We offer development and production of electric heaters with intelligent control devices

Limited Liability Company “Prono-design enterprise” KREDUV “is an enterprise for the development and production of heating equipment. “KREDUV” was founded in 2010 on the basis of accumulated theoretical developments and practical experience in the manufacture of heaters, obtained by members of the team in 1993-2009 while working at the National Academy of Sciences, other leading companies in Lviv, as well as in private organizational structures . The fusion of highly intelligent potential and experience of modern commercial production has created a dynamic high-efficiency production that can respond to consumer demands in the shortest possible time. Heating devices, designed and manufactured by convection and production, are used in various sectors of the economy, production and in everyday life, namely:

    • – For heating various premises of rolling stock of railway and city electric transport;
    • – For heating of technical rooms (shops, warehouses, transformer boxes, etc.);

    • – For heating of domestic premises (offices, trade premises);
    • – For installation in ventilation and air conditioning systems;
    • – For domestic use (heating of living quarters)

The technological basis of our heating devices is the use of a flat electric heater (PENE) as a heating element, which is also manufactured at our plant. The scope of PENE is a wide range of special and household heating devices, where it is necessary to obtain low-cost, from an economic point of view, heating with restrictions on the size of the heating device. Our company has a complete set of equipment and technology for the production of foam.                                

All our products are equipped with electronic control devices and information of our development and manufacture, which provide:

  • – support of the set parameters of heated air;
  • – blocking of heating in case of emergencies;
  • — information on the presence of the device in the system (if necessary) and its serviceability (“WORKING” “FAULT”)

We develop individual projects according to your terms of reference in 2-3 months

The use of PENE and an effective thermoregulation system provides an increased heat transfer coefficient at low (not more than 160 degrees) temperatures of the radiator, reduces thermal inertia, improves environmental friendliness and increases the safety of our products at high efficiency.

Our heating devices are used both in single-phase and three-phase networks of alternating current with a voltage of 127, 220, 380, 620 Volts, and in networks of a direct current with a voltage of 75, 110, 550, 3000 volts. It is possible to use (at the request of the customer) in networks with non-standard voltages. At the request of consumers of heating equipment, the company has developed and mastered the production of more than twenty products used to complete electric and diesel trains EPL2T, EPL9T, DEL02, DKPR2 Lugansk Locomotive Plant and PJSC “Kryukovsky Carriage Plant Ltd.”, Electric tram20, trams20 PJSC “Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant”, electric locomotives VL11M and VL11M6 modernized LLC “PKVP MDS”, modernized locomotives TEP 70, products of JSC “Energoresurs”, and others.

Having accumulated vast experience in the development and production of heating equipment and focusing on market needs, the company is working to expand the range of products, development and implementation of various modern new heating devices for special and household purposes with high thermal, environmental and economic performance.

The company operates an experimental – test site, which performs test and control measurements of the parameters of new developments, as well as periodic tests of devices that are mass-produced. Each manufactured device undergoes technological developments in working mode. The site is equipped with stands for monitoring electrical parameters with the supply voltage of devices up to 220V single-phase and 380 V three-phase alternating current, and up to 700 V DC.

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